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Galeria Video

May 2016 : interview TVR1 over the exhibition " The Nature - The Man - The Universe"

Painter EMIL CIOCOIU on the  Cotroceni Museum

November 2013 : retrospective of Emil Ciocoiu at the National Theatre of  Bucharest - Take a tour inside the TNB

Emil Ciocoiu Painting Exhibition - "The Eulogy of Creation"

Message of a Vision

Memory of the Romanian Exil

 Part 2/3

From Sinaï the Sinaia - 2010


"Emil Ciocoiu" Exhibition

Galateca Gallery - 2007

1996 : Interview for TVR 1 with Losif Sava

1996 : Interview for TVR1 with the Director of the Art museum

Rodica Matei


The Nature - The Man - The Universe

November 2013 : Introductory Clip to the Conference "Charlemagne and Europe after 1200 years" National Theatre I.L Caragiale of Bucharest

Emil Ciocoiu - TNB Retrospective (Radio Interview and Presentation Clip)

painting room ROUMANIE contemporaine - Paris

Cité International des Arts

Memory of the Romanian Exil

 Part 1/3

Memory of the Romanian Exil

 Part 3/3

 Prato Exhibition

Confartigianato Gallery

1996 : Vernissage at the National Museum of Art

1996 : Exhibition at the National Museum of Art

Evening journal

Seara TVR 1

1996 : Interview for TVR 2

1996 : Exhibition at the National Museum of Art of Bucharest

Interview with Dana Ivanov - Antena 1

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